Freight rail access

Container users benefit from the site’s proximity to the Intermodal Terminal (IMT), with a dedicated freight rail line to:

  • Port Botany
  • Regional NSW (Newcastle)

This convenient access to freight rail offers customers increased capacity for deliveries, delivery certainty and improved cycle times.

The rail sidings at Enfield ILC include a:

  • 2,600m through line – the largest dedicated freight rail line in Australia
  • 2 x 920m sidings in the IMT for transfers
  • 2 x 430m sidings for storage and marshalling

Containers can be delivered directly to your warehouse dock door.

Direct port shuttle

Enfield ILC enjoys direct rail access to Port Botany at all three stevedores, via a 34 minute (approx.) port shuttle service.

This improves road congestion on Sydney roads, with just one shuttle service removing up to 45 individual trucks* from road networks.

*Source: Aurizon


Price card and rail service offering

Contact us for further information regarding the rail service offering.


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